People love chrome for a variety of reasons. It gives an unmatched shine that can bring your project to life. Chrome spray gives you the versatility you want, whether it’s to give a motorcycle’s rims a mirror-like finish, add custom touches or give shades of shimmering, high gloss color. Whatever your customers’ desires may be, you’ll be able to provide them with complete satisfaction with the results PChrome leaves you with. Right now your shop could be producing chrome like finishes for a fraction of traditional chrome plating costs. Your customers pay less. Your shop earns more.

PChrome is perfect for:

This spray chrome kit makes producing durable, mirror like finishes simple, easy, fast and foolproof. With the contents of the 400 kit you’ll be able to PChrome a total of 400 sq. ft.—that’s less than $3.50 a sq. ft. The chemicals and hardware you need to get started are all included.

What's in the Spray Chrome Kit?

Included in this kit your will find the following equipment and materials:

PChrome Concentrates

  • PChrome S Solution
  • PChrome R Solution
  • PChrome D Solution
  • #87 Degreasing Soap
  • PChrome W Solution
  • Permalac 2KA
  • Permalac 2KB

  • Pchrome SR Spray Gun
  • PChrome D Spray Gun
  • Siphon Bottles
Note: your shop will also need a compressor that provides 60 to 80 psi. DI water not provided.

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PChrome Professional Starter Kits

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  • Ex Tax: $2,195.00

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