PChrome has bought you a revolutionary spray on chrome, which will change your artistic designs forever. Our spray-on chrome can be applied to any surface to give an amazing finish! By using our unique chroming techniques, any surface can be given a mirror- like reflective surface. With our dual- tip chroming gun, PChrome can ensure an even application of the spray on chrome to all your artistic designs. This will leave them looking and feeling like traditional chrome. Your original designs are given a boost, transforming them into real works of beauty.


Enhancing and restoring chrome auto parts are ideal applications for PChrome. Truck and motorcycle customization are readily handled by PChrome. Straight chrome or custom colors are all part of the PChrome system for Auto shops. Most shops already have the basic spray equipment required and PChrome is a ready add on to any paint operation. Custom chrome rims with a variety of colored tints are easily implemented with PChrome.


Design companies use PChrome to create a wonderful finish on their prototypes. Some briefs require a chrome finish that is where we come in. PChrome is a three step process to give your design the finish it deserves.
1. Base coat- this coat creates the base upon which the mirror like finish is applied. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, even cardboard.
2. Silvering- this is the most complex step yet easiest. A wetting agent is applied to break the surface tension followed by a specialized sensitizer to activate the surface. Silver solution and its reducing agent are sprayed from a two headed silvering gun onto the surface. The silver will immediate “plate” to the Base Coat creating a mirror chrome like finish.
3. Top coat- seals the chrome like silver. It is applied to protect the silver from tarnishing along with wear and tear.
The PChrome Artist Kit is an ideal solution if you do not have the full set up of air compressor, spray booth and other equipment. It is a completely manual set of hand sprayers that allow you to build your prototypes with a chrome like finish.


You can transform any glass or acrylic glass into a mirror like surface! PChrome will provide customers with the best spray on silvering solutions to achieve a mirror- like finish. PChrome, developed and manufactured by Peacock Laboratories. We have been making silver solutions for glass mirrors since 1930. No one knows more about silvering glass than Peacock. For over 80 years, peacock has deliver the silver solutions the glass mirror industry requires. Today our PChrome adds to that legacy. Now PChrome allows any shape or size glass object to have a mirror surface. Make a clear mirror or add color and tints to create gold or copper or any color in the spectrum. A mirror surface anywhere even on both sides of the glass.


Over time, light fixtures can lose their luster and become dull. Don’t want to replace the fixtures? Then don’t! We have found the solution for you. PChrome’s spray- on chrome will make those fixtures look like new. As a manufacturer or restorer, use PChrome to crate a like me choke like finish on your fixtures.


PChrome can be applied to any metal surface. It creates an immediate chrome like appearance. Create unique gifts and awards for military, church, school or social organizations. Store fixtures, restoration parts are all uses of PChrome.


PChrome delivers a mirror like surface to your trophies and signs. Our PChrome kits come in sizes for both the occasional user and production shop. PChrome can be used on a wide variety of surfaces from ceramic to plastic to glass to metal, even on cardboard. It is not a paint. It actually “plates” a layer of silver to our Basecoat. That silver gives PChrome the mirror like chrome look. Use it wherever, a mirror reflective surface will enhance your sign, trophy or display.

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